Tips for installing a spa ozonator

Spa, ozonator, what exactly is all this? What's the connection between the two? This is a question that might arise if this is the first time you've heard of it, especially about the ozonator. What is it really for.

To know about an ozonator.

An ozonator is a 100% natural procedure that is used to clean your jacuzzi bathtubs water, meaning you don't have to use chemicals like chlorine and bromine to treat your spa. water. It is an automatic generator to disinfect your spa or pool water as well. It transforms oxygen into ozone to purify water, it is a device composed of a suppressor, air dryer, transformer, and you can find it where there is the hot tub sale

Operation of the ozonator.

It sucks in oxygen to dry it and then transform it into ozone according to the following procedures, such as ultra violet which has the same principle as the ozone production of the planet earth. It is the transformation of oxygen molecules into ozone thanks to the decomposition made by the ultra violet ozonator. There is also the discharges by ionization or by coronary. The air passes through an electric discharge and this breaks up the molecules which then transform it into ozone. And then, the ozone created is transformed into air bubbles in the spa's filtration circuit, where it is mixed with the dirty water. It is almost instantaneous disinfection. It should be noted that the high concentration of ozone could be dangerous for the water, which is why it is not injected directly into the water but through the filter.

Advantage of an ozonator in the spa.

It is very effective in disinfecting your spa water. All bacteria, micro-organism, algae, germs… will be destroyed. The water will be significantly improved in terms of color and smell. And it's a natural procedure that eliminates the need for chemicals like chlorine and bromine. That is to say the risk on allergenic effects will be reduced. Its effectiveness is proven, this is why industries or restaurants, public swimming pools use it to treat the water of their swimming pool or their spa.

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