Our advice on buying multiple spas

The spa is an essential means of resting, indulging in moments of relaxation and unwinding. For many people this is an incredible opportunity to take time away from everyday worries and work-related stress. The choice of a hydro massage bathtub should be made wisely on the basis of expert advice in the field. It is on this basis that tropic spa offers you advice for the purchase of one or more spas, whether you are an individual or a professional who needs to acquire several spa tubs for his treatment institute. hydrotherapy.

Our spas for individuals and professionals

Tropic spa offers well-being on a golden plateau with trendy spas adapted to your relaxation needs. In fact, we have very spacious professional spas with 6 to 8 seats, equipped with latest generation electronic equipment and designed according to the 2016 professional spa models. We will help you make the best choice for your needs and your customers. As a result, our 6-person spas are guaranteed for 5 years for the tank and the frame, 3 years for the pumps and the motor and 2 years for the electronic equipment. This 6-person spa has 105 jets, 5 seats and a reclining place. It is sure to please your customers who come in groups of friends for a moment of relaxation. All our spas have an indestructible stainless steel frame to withstand heat and all possible bad weather. We also have several other models of luxury spas for the well-being of body and mind of your clients. Come and take advantage of our expertise to purchase one or more spas to combat the stress of urbanization and the various hassles of everyday life.

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