The best water theorpy for you this winter

To heal or simply relax, aquatic therapies have unsuspected virtues for the body, heart and mind. At all times, water has been used for its purifying, calming and therapeutic effects. The immersion in hot water dilates the blood vessels, which considerably increases the blood flow to our tissues. This remarkable process is responsible for most of the benefits of swimming in jacuzzi tubs.

The well-being of therapeutic jets

Better designed jets provide more effective therapy. With no landing, the rotating jets put at your disposal an extensive range of massages, from the lightest and most delicate to the most energizing. With their nozzle rotating freely around a titanium axis, the water oscillates in a pattern that never produces a stinging sensation. Their threading makes it easy to screw and unscrew them so that their removal is never a chore. However, they have an adjustable front to vary the pressure as needed. In the absence of a landing that could break or break, your personal masseuse will never take a day off.

Aromatherapy for calming the body, mind and spirit

The use of a perfume to positively influence your condition of mind, is a natural therapy that is widespread and accepted.

It is also the ideal improvement to a bathing therapy. The combination of aromatherapy and hydrotherapy stimulations is powerful and soothing for the body and mind.

Different approaches

Today, water therapies are available in all seasons. They come in several very different therapeutic techniques: balneotherapy, which exclusively uses the benefits of water through baths; hydrotherapy or crenotherapy which concerns the use of mineral waters for therapeutic purposes; thalassotherapy, which is mainly used for preventive or curative purposes in the marine environment or with marine waters; and aquatic psycho-corporal or somato-emotional therapies, developed in the four corners of the planet in recent decades, include: aquatic massage, watsu, wata, aquatic osteopathy, aquatic psychomotility, maquam, harmony aquatic, aquatic healing dance, AquApsara, Aquataum sound healing, Jahara technique, aqua therapy, etc …

To conclude, the common point of these aquatic psycho-corporal therapies is that they use all the calming effects of water, its reassuring and enveloping virtues, coupled with stimulating and / or relaxing postural mobilizations.

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