What disease can thalasso heal ?

To take care of the joint pains, to soften the after-effects after an illness or an accident, to get back in shape ... Thalassotherapy knows how to awaken the well-being which slumbers in each one of us. So what are you waiting for to offer you a jacuzzi spa. To fully enjoy a spa treatment, the ideal is to be well insured.

The treatments that make up a thalassotherapy cure

A thalassotherapy cure lasts several weeks and consists of hydrotherapy care. The water used during the treatment is either sea water, or so-called thermal water which has virtues recognized by the medical world. There are several families:

  • Bicarbonated waters,

  • Chlorinated waters,

  • Trace metals,

  • Sulphated waters,

  • And the sulfurized waters.

  • The seaside establishments also use algae and mud algae and mud

The range of care is extensive and adapts to the pathology treated. A cure can include massages, mud baths, inhalations, irrigations and even drinking cures.

The benefits of a thalassotherapy cure

It is possible to go to cure to fight rheumatism, osteoarthritis, asthma, overweight or certain diseases of the skin. Because it improves the physical condition, the thalasso cure helps to age well. It allows the body to better withstand heavy treatment such as chemotherapy or to recover from trauma such as an accident, a heavy operation or simply, for women, childbirth. After a thalassotherapy treatment, the benefits are felt throughout the body. The body and skin are revitalized, purified and more supple. The mind is released, the stress is reduced and this well-being is sustainable.

So, hydrotherapy-based treatments, preventive or curative treatment, fitness and serenity ... The benefits of a thalassotherapy cure are no longer to be proven. Spa treatments and thalassos can sometimes provide the same types of care, such as hydromassage baths, underwater massage or jet shower. Even your doctor encourages you to go for a spa treatment.

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